Thomson Broadcast

The name of Thomson Broadcast is synonymous of excellence and innovation at the highest level.

As a reliable partner for many of the world's leading broadcasters , Thomson Broadcast made ​​innovations in the technology of digital television and radio broadcasting and won numerous awards Emmy, and also has a more than 50 -th patents in technologies that have become fundamental for broadcasting.

In 2013, Thomson Broadcast joined  Arelis Group, the French industrial group specializing in investments in the production of high-frequency electronics .

Within the Group, Thomson Broadcast has received an excellent platform for further growth and development as one of the world leaders in the manufacture of television and radio transmitters .

The company Thomson Broadcast is one of the key partners in the construction of the second multiplex. Thomson transmitters DVB-T2 standards fully meet the requirements of the digital equipment necessary for the second multiplex , and in some ways superior to the specified requirements . Benefits of Thomson transmitters : a high degree of energy saving, compactness , reliability , high level of warranty and post- warranty service.