Second Multiplex Network Implementation

The Second digital Multiplex network implementation is the second step in digitalizing of broadcast area in Russia in order to provide other ten TV channels to Russian customers located over all of its territory on free of charge basis.

By the end of 2018 about 98.4% of Russian population shall get a free of charge access to on-air TV and Radio broadcast service.

For reaching that result more than 5000 transmitting objects shall be implemented and maintained by Svyaz Engineering Trading House, LLC.

The Company has provided a turn-key solution for each network object including the following scope of works and services: project works, construction and installation works, commissioning works, equipment supply, project management service and warranty obligations on supplied equipment operation and fulfilled works’ results.

Each object of the Second Multiplex network has been created in the same RTRN site where the appropriate object of the First Multiplex network was implemented earlier. At the same time all the technical elements of the objects are the different ones except for on-air broadcast antenna system which both objects use for transmitting purpose when combining own signals before a feeder input.