Svyaz Engineering Trading House, LLC has been established in 2011 in Moscow.

The Company has accumulated a great experience in implementation of broadcast networks. It has been granted as a telecom equipment supplier for The First Multiplex network and also as General Contractor for creating the whole Second Multiplex network project.

The both networks have been created for RTRN company based on a Federal Government Program “TV and Radio broadcast development in Russian Federation in years of 2009-2018” approved by the Decree of the Government of Russian Federation #985 of December 03, 2009.

The global task of a technical migration from analog to digital technologies in a broadcast service for all Russian subscribers and enhancing a broadcasting area over the territories of CIS and other foreign countries has been formulated by the Government Program of Economic Development in the medium term.

The migration procedure has been realized in two steps by implementing the First and the Second Multiplex networks.

General Contractor for RTRN in implementing the Second Multiplex network being developed as a part of Federal Government Program “TV and Radio broadcast development in Russian Federation in the years of 2009-2018”

The only Official Partner of Gates Air company (ex-Harris Broadcast Communications Division) for transmitting TV and Radio broadcast equipment in Russia

Exclusive Representative of Thomson Broadcast company in Russia

Official Distributor of equipment by Com-Tech, Bird Technologies, Spinner, Rohde & Schwarz and Triada-TV


Svyaz Engineering Trading House, LLC implements a full range of possible solutions for TV and Radio broadcast based on HW and SW usage by various manufacturers and developers.

The Company proposes a complex and integrated approach to broadcasters for implementation and modernization works being made in their transmitting centers.

Supporting compatibility and a multi-purpose use of created products, the company guarantees to provide complex solutions for meeting a full range of both broadcasters’ and network customers’ needs.

Provided Services

The Company provides the following services:

1. System Design Works, including Project and Working docs development, passing an inspection control and reaching the required confirmations, generating a detailed equipment specification to reflect each particular project needs

2. Supply of Equipment manufactured by the world famous leaders such as

• Gates Air (USA)

• Rohde&Shwarz (Germany)

• Thomson Broadcast (France)

• Triada-TV (Russia)

• Com-Tech (Italy)

• Spinner (Germany)

• RFS (Germany)

• Bird Technologies (Germany), etc.

3. Full equipment delivery cycle, including

• Equipment choice based on customer needs,

• Equipment choice optimization based on a customer budget volume,

• Production control (timing and following to specification requirements),

• Control and Safety during transportation,

• Custom clearance,

• Warehousing service in Moscow and over Russia

• Optimal manning support (for equipment parts of various manufacturers, marking, packing, recording) and composite cargo shipment to a customer site.

4. Construction and Installation works

5. Commissioning works for customer transmitting objects with preparation of the required approval documents

6. Advanced Technical support for warranty and post warranty services of supplied equipment based on own human and technical resources of Service Center by the Company located in Moscow.